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Zoom instructions for phone or tablet

To install the Zoom app, first, you will need to download it.


Apple users (iPhone or iPad) can download the app here

Android users can download the app here

Once you have downloaded the Zoom app, click "open" or touch the Zoom icon on your phone/tablet. It looks like this:

  • Once you open the app, you will be presented with this page:

phone - start page
  • Click "sign up". Enter your email address, your first and last names, and check the "I agree to the Terms of Service" button. Then click the "sign up " button at the top right of the screen:

Phone sign up
  • You will get a message saying that a confirmation email has been sent to you. Go to your email and click on the confirmation link to activate your Zoom service.

  • You will be taken to a webpage where you need to enter your First and Last Names and also assign a password. Choose something you can remember easily or save the password in a password keeper.

Zoom password
  • After clicking continue, the next page will look like the screen below. You need to ignore all of this and click the button at the bottom which says "skip this step"

Ignore this
  • Now you are ready to join a church service or meeting!

To join a meeting

Before the service (or meeting) you will be sent an email which has the "Meeting ID". and an associated password. The Meeting ID and password will also be published on the "Our Services" page of our website shortly before the service begins.

You need to copy the ID (you can highlight the ID number and then touch "copy".

Back on the Zoom dashboard, you will see in the top right hand corner, a button which says "join a meeting". Click this button.

  • Paste the meeting ID into the box below the words "Join a Meeting". 

  • Copy the password and paste that into the box when prompted. (same method as you used to copy and paste the Meeting ID)

You will then be able to join the church service (or meeting) and participate.

*** Please be aware - the host of the meeting has various controls. They may choose to mute your microphone so as to lesson disturbance in the main window - you cannot override this decision by the host.

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