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Toorak Uniting Church – Peter Collins Organ

The present pipe organ was built by the English organ builder Peter Collins in 1979, and was opened in 1980. After having served TUC well for over 30 years, the instrument needed attention to fit it for future decades.

In September 2012, the TUC Church Council commissioned Hargraves Pipe Organs Ltd to clean and overhaul the organ, to install a new 4-foot reed stop for the pedal division to replace a 2-foot flute stop dating from the 1990s, to carry out extensive re-voicing and tonal finishing, and to install an electronic registration capture system.

In late October 2012, Campbell Hargraves and team started this work. It has seen the first major cleaning of the whole organ since its opening. All pipework has been regulated, the mechanical action has been adjusted and worn and broken parts replaced, the wooden keyboards have been beautifully refurbished, the new pedal stop is more in keeping with the style of the instrument, and a modern registration capture system, complete with sequencer and additional pistons, will assist musicians to bring out the best from this fine instrument well into the future.

Most recently in late 2012 to 2013, Hargraves Pipe Organs Ltd cleaned and overhauled the whole organ and installed a new 4-foot Schalmey for the pedal division. The work also included extensive revoicing and tonal finishing, pipework and mechanical action have all been adjusted and regulated, and solid state technology was installed for the new capture system. The overhaul was made possible largely by a most generous bequest by Lady Elspeth White, a lover of music and the pipe organ.


Virginia Davey served as an elder and Deaconess at Toorak Uniting Church for many years. Two of her great loves were music and young people. A financial contribution from Virginia was the genesis of a fund now promoting beautiful music at Toorak.


The Collins organ is arranged as follows:

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