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Alan Watson Dance Class

The Alan Watson Dance Class has been conducted by Toorak Uniting for more than 40 years and has become a rite of passage for generations of Melburnians.


Here, Toorak Uniting provides an activity where teenagers can meet others of their own age and make new friends in a happy, safe and secure setting. Over the years the classes have expanded and many friendships have lasted until the present time.

Social dancing, including traditional and modern ballroom styles, is taught by a well-qualified, enthusiastic team of dance instructors. The classes are conducted from the floor and with the use of modern equipment staff readily establish a rapport with the students.

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The young people attending the classes come from a wide range of schools and there is a unique mix of students which encourages the formation of new friendships. Each class is usually limited to 40 girls from Year 9 and 40 boys from Year 10. Classes are well supervised and students are issued with a laminated entry card incorporating a passport type photograph which is presented each night on arrival.

There are 8 lessons in each semester and the total cost including GST is $230.00. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required upon enrolment application. Classes are not held over the school holidays, or while school camps take place and every endeavour is made to fit around school activities.

You can download an application form here

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