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Thursday, 5 March 2020 6.00pm – 8.00pm

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Monday – Friday 10am-3:0pm

Friday 6 to Thursday 26 March 2020



Miriam Morris has a dual career as an artist and musician. She is for the most part an abstract artist, working in both acrylic paint on canvas and paper and with fine pen on paper. While the canvasses are generally relatively large scale, the fine pen work is mostly small scale.

The drawings, akin to etching, evoke an ambiguity of subject matter, often with hints of birds and fish. Nature is present in the form of leaves where colours emerge with seasons and an
ever-changing climate.

Alongside her art practice, Miriam has a high profile in the field of early music. She teaches the viola da gamba at the University of Melbourne, and also the cello and viola da gamba in her private studio. 

Brigid Burke’s exhibition of mixed media works on paper incorporates pen and
ink drawings, acrylics and water colours together with a series of organic glass plate. The outcome of the glass plates and works on paper evoke senses of fantasy, reflecting on the snapshots of different landscapes in an unknown world.

Brigid is an Australian artist, clarinet soloist, composer, performance artist, visual artist, video artist and educator whose creative practice explores the use of mixed media on paper, through glass work, contemporary new music, and video to enable cross media exhibitions and performances that are rich in visual and aural nuances.


19 April to 8 May – ‘Beauty, Love and Reflection’ Works by Caroline Calway, Judy Ager, Judy Matear,
Kathryn Tilley, Rosemary Barnes and Valli Munari

‘Stories of Love’ A Toorak Uniting Church Campus Exhibition with Vikki Conley


4 to 24 September – ‘From the Gutter to the Gallery - A Blooming’ Works by Mary McCowan

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