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9.30 – 10.30am Monday, Thursday, Friday in the Wettenhall Room

The classes run all year, including through school holidays, with a break over Christmas/New Year. All the teachers are trained in the classical tradition of Krishnamacharya and link the mind and breath with every movement.

Casual classes $20 per; discounts for class passes.


Strength, Flexibility and Mindfulness

Yoga Mitra runs classes every Monday and Thursday 9.30 – 10.30am. Come along a little early for some tea; the groups are small and welcoming. With a focus on creating strength and flexibility, and developing mindfulness, these yoga classes are designed to cater for all levels of ability regardless of prior experience. Breath-based and meditative practices are introduced, and as the teacher is also a trained vedic chant teacher, your relaxation and reflection time will invariably include chant.

Enquiries: Fiona Hardie 0400 404 384

or visit the website:



Relax Gentle Restore & Renew Yoga

Commencing Friday 14 June                 
Chrissie's classes are held every Friday 9.30 - 10.30am. 'Relax Gentle Restore & Renew Yoga' gives you the space to let go of tension with a quiet, slow and gentle practice. This yoga class uses specific movements to relieve stress and quieten your mind so you can fully let go, cultivating a natural meditative stillness; fostering potential for deep relaxation throughout the body, heart and mind. Suitable for all ages and levels with an emphasis on re-energising the system without creating ‘stress’, while promoting strength and flexibility where needed. Modifications will be offered as needed. 
Enquiries: Chrissie Manolopoulos  0417 527 915

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