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Ustaz Vincent Mang’ok Foundation (UVM Foundation)

-Educate the Young Secure the Future-

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The UVM Foundation has the main focus of promoting education through offering scholarships to children from vulnerable families in Turalei, South Sudan.  These scholarships are for children of families who are not able to send their children to the local schools.


Ustaz Vincent Mang’ok was steadfastly committed to the education of the children of South Sudan until his death in April 2016.  In honour of his legacy and to continue his passion, the UVM Foundation was established by his family, friends and the lost boys of South Sudan.


While the decades long civil war in South Sudan is now over, the aftermath has caused great instability.  Although there is relative peace in some parts of the country, there is still no infrastructure or service delivery, leaving families struggling to meet the most basic needs of food, shelter and water.  The fight for survival means many children are unable to go to school because they are forced to work to help their families put food on the table.

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The Foundation is committed to addressing these issues and is working collaboratively with the local authorities, parents, local schools, partners and donors to eliminate some of these hindrances that prevent children from accessing their right to education.


The main objective of this project is to provide scholarship opportunities for ten boys and twenty girls from vulnerable families to be enrolled in St Joseph primary school and St Augustin secondary school in Turalei, South Sudan.


The Ustaz Vincent Mang’ok Foundation aims to raise funds to sponsor as many children as possible so that they can have access to education. The UVM Foundation will identify the most eligible families for which these scholarships can be awarded.  The program manager will work closely with the parents and the schools to ensure all the recipients of these scholarships are well supported.  The local UVM Foundation team will work collaboratively with the local community to raise awareness of the importance of education and to place particular emphasis on education for girls.


For more detailed information please visit the Ustaz Vincent Mang’ok Foundation website

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To donate towards the incredibly important work of the UVM Foundation, donate here


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